Arrival From Sweden concerts and tours would not have been possible without the support of these private donors.
By giving to the music group Arrival From Sweden, you help make us to tour a reality and share our success.
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Dear music friends,

I started the group ARRIVAL from Sweden in 1995 and we have been touring the world ever since. We are so fortunate and happy to meet people from all over the world and would like to thank you all for your unconditional support and love. We hope to tour for many more years and would appreciate all donations from each of you, so that we can continue to spread ABBA's music and Swedish music traditions all over the world.

Thank you for helping and providing to the best in Swedish live music performance - ARRIVAL from Sweden with the show The Music of ABBA

God Bless You!

Love from

SwedTunes International AB

To do a direct wire transfer into our account from outside of Europe you’ll need the following info:
Account no: 5001 1119500
Bank name and address: SEB
SE-106 40 Stockholm

To do a direct wire transfer into our account from Europe(EU) you’ll need the following info:
IBAN: SE5550000000050011119500

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