"CONGRATULATIONS" to you all. You all have done a WONDERFUL job, which resulted with a GREAT success here in Yangon, Myanmar! We all look forward to see you again soon!!!
Dr. Myint Han, Honory Consul, Yangon, Myanmar
December 1th, 2013

ARRIVAL from Sweden – THE MUSIC OF ABBA and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta, USA Everything sounded exactly like the sound recordings. It was incredible!!!
ARRIVAL from Sweden is NOT just any old tribute band doing a bunch of cover tunes. ARRIVAL and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra both nailed it! The best part of the show: everything sounded exactly like the sound recordings.
It was incredible!!!

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Newsroom July 11, 2011

Thank you for the Music - The original ABBA or the group Arrival from Sweden? It was nearly impossible to tell!!! Arrival played a sold-out show that got everyone finding their inner "dancing queen"
A gorgeous summer night Sunday night saw a sell-out crowd at the Sun Valley Pavilion, all there to dance, tap their feet and sing along to the music of ABBA as performed by Arrival. Billed as the “Greatest ABBA Show Ever,” Arrival did not disappoint, playing all of the legendary group’s biggest hits well into the night. It was a time warp of the most entertaining kind — they looked like ABBA, they sounded like ABBA, they dressed like ABBA, for all intents and purposes, they were ABBA.
The American Festival Orchestra performed with Arrival from Sweden
Sun Valley Time, USA, July, 2013

‘Feel the boom’: Arrival from Sweden, fireworks please crowd at Freedom Fire – Just like seeing real ABBA
Romney Stadium, Romney, Utah, USA

Arrival From Sweden performs the music of ABBA during the 2013 Freedom Fire concert at Romney Stadium Fireworks lit up the night sky, and an ABBA tribute band rocked out to some greatest hits All of the sights and sounds were a part of the annual Independence Day celebration The house was packed for the 2013 Freedom Fire The headlining act, Arrival from Sweden, is a tribute to ABBA, and it was just like seeing real ABBA!

July 3, 2013

The Concert Rocked
Were you 1 of the 1500 who attended Saturday’s ABBA Music concert at the Kiva Auditorium. We’re so glad the Arrival from Sweden came to town as it’s such a joy to hear singers and musicians who give their all.

Their ‘backup’ band was the New Mexico Philharmonic ( ) and you could close your eyes and swear you were hearing the original ABBA singers. The music was so good people were dancing in the aisles and there were three encores! It doesn’t get better than this!

94,5 FM Radio New Mexico April 2013
Thank you for the music: THE MUSIC OF ABBA with ARRIVAL From Sweden

After fantastic sold out concert with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at Orpheum Arrival from Sweden sailed to Nanaimo Port Theatre in Nanaimo, Canada.

The legendary Swedish tribute band Arrival continues right up to the present day to exert a phenomenal appeal
The two-hour spectacular features all ABBA’s greatest hits – “Waterloo“, “Mamma Mia“, “Take a Chance On Me”, “Money, Money, Money” and “Dancing Queen” – performed by artists who not only look astonishingly like the original line-up, but also exactly reproduce their sound. The performers get together per-fectly on stage, not merely playing and singing the ABBA songs but really recre-ating the stage presence of the four musicians.

Congrats to ARRIVAL from Sweden with their fantastic show.

Showbiz, Canada, September 29, 2012
ABBAsolutely Good Time at Thunder Valley Casino

Arrival from Sweden kicked their show off with “That’s Me,” playing to an overflowing crowd in Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s Pano Hall on Friday night.
The evening continued with Gustafsson and Zetterberg telling stories and singing like the real deal. I’m just thankful that the real ABBA wasn’t onstage wearing those skimpy outfits, plus, would the original band sound this good? I doubt it.
Arrival from Sweden were extremely tight and sounded magnificent, couple that with the pitch perfect performance of Gustafsson and Zetterberg, and you had the perfect ABBA tribute band.

All I can say is it was an ABBAsolutely fabulous show!

World Press, U S A August 13, 2012

“Arrival From Sweden, The Music of ABBA”

The Music of ABBA was enjoyed by another packed out audience who was thoroughly entertained with fantastic songs and showed their enthusiasm and joy of the show by dancing, singing, waiving their arms and just soaking in the professional presentation of ABBA. Many people sitting in the hangar were heard asking if this group consisted of the original band members as the musicians and singers were that good!

Having sat through the sound check earlier in the evening, it was easy to see why this group is so good. They love what they do and each other. They have a passion for perfection which is easily attained by them due to their gifted talents, abilities and great personalities. Combine that with the number of sell out shows they perform on each tour, the assistance of the strong support team and the OC crew working behind the scenes, the sound check takes just a minimal amount of time!
The show started off with a bang and never much slowed down. For 90 minutes those who purchased seats inside the Hangar and the thousand or so standing outside listening were not disappointed in the time investment they made. Everywhere you looked, there were smiling faces, some eyes closed while the music was being fully remembered and lots of movement. Yes, the audience was moved into the mood of the music which was quite lively.

Having put in a full performance, as the band was leaving the stage, the crowd clamored for more, more, more! The entertainers came back and gave them more finishing up with the song Dancing Queen which set the audience and groupies “on fire” and unable to hold still. Wow, all I can say is if you missed this great show, you really did miss a great show"

!The Hangar OC Fair, Costa Mesa, CA, USA, August 2, 2012
By Bryan Seltzer,

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra: Arrival from Sweden Plays the Music of ABBA!

"You could have sworn you were hearing the original songs being sung by the original group.This sellout show featuring one hit after another got the die-hard ABBA fans applauding and dancing, and the VSO went along with the band. There was no interval, except for a few comments from Vicky Zetterberg, the founder of the group. Arrival from Sweden simply gave us a two-hour delightful show with ABBA hits, a real night of nostalgia where the appreciative crowd had the time of their lives”

Ed Farolan, Review Vancouver News September 2012

An sparkling ABBA show

Everything sounds and looks ABBA! A big sparkling ABBA show with Arrival from Sweden. The square is full with dancing and singing people who remember ABBA. Arrival is a very strong alternative to real ABBA!

Trelleborgs Allehanda, Sweden 2008

Arrival From Sweden - Edgerton Center For The Performing Arts, Fairfield, CT, USA

“The playing was 100% perfection. The costumes were exact. They looked and sounded like ABBA at their very best! The first set closed with high energy singalongs of Waterloo and Mamma Mia. I was taken with the level of musicianship this band had. This material was tough stuff to pull off correctly and Arrival From Sweden handled it with ease! Ivraeus was featured well on Intermezzo No 1 - he really had command of those keys! Next up was The Name Of The Game which segued into Eagle - the latter highlighted by a terrific guitar solo from Bjorns.

The girls to show off their wonderful voices. Norback and Gustafsson's vocals were stunning - just flawless! These had a crowd of folks dancing up against the stage. Thank You For The Music was the first encore, then the band sent the audience dancing out of the building to the strains of Dancing Queen. An evening of total Swedish "salighet"!”

Progsheet Live Events, John A. Wilcox, March 28, 2012

Arrival From Sweden
  Arrival turned us all into Dancing Queen  

You could have sworn you were hearing the original songs being sung by the original group.
This was a sellout show featuring one catchy, hummable hit after another and the venue was packed with die-hard ABBA fans
There was no interval, the group simply gave us an hour-and-a-half of non-stop ABBA hits.
The white and gold clingy creation earned plenty of wolf-whistles from the crowd as they left little to the imagination. In fact one of the biggest cheers of the night came as Vicky Zetterberg aka Anna-Frid bent over in her bottom revealing hotpants.
it was a real night of nostalgia where the appreciative crowd proved they could dance, they could jive, they could have the time of their lives
Bermuda Sun - January 21, 2011

“It may not have been the real ABBA, but Arrival comes pretty darn close

Their voices were in perfect sync. They really shine on ABBA's trademark harmonies”

Readingeagle, USA January 2011


"ARRIVAL from Sweden with their obvious respect for the group ABBA and their songs, from , opened the festival with a magical performance. The audience was wildly appreciative. The ovation, when it was all over, was thunderous and lingering, with all standing, of course.".

Bernews (Bermuda) - January 19, 2011

Just like the real thing: Abba tribute band ‘ARRIVAL from Sweden'

You believe that the original Abba were up on stage once again.
The audience leaving their seats and surging towards the open space in front of the stage as itching dancing feet all around the amphitheatre could no longer be controlled. The sellout show was a perfect opener for the Bermuda Festival.

Royal Gazette, Bermuda, January 2011

Abba, re-lived
“FOR Abba fans, this show band was the real McCoy.
They sang, danced and looked like the original Abba in the ‘70s, show band Arrival From Sweden delivered a stellar performance that was a befitting tribute recently

The two lead singers were at their best as their voices sounded just like Abba.
Their voices were pitch-perfect as they hit the high notes effortlessly.”

The Star, Malaysia NO 1 Newspaper, January 1, 2011.

“What a treat for ABBA’s fans to relive the ageless music of ABBA, which was performed by tribute band Arrival from Sweden to a packed house at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25 and 26 December 2010. As the saying goes, nothing beats the original but if you can’t get the original, the second best will do. Arrival just proved that point."


ARRIVAL from Sweden with their obvious respect for the group ABBA and their songs, from , opened the festival with a magical performance. The audience was wildly appreciative. The ovation, when it was all over, was thunderous and lingering, with all standing, of course.”

— Alan C. Smith, Bermuda News January 2011

Arrival” from Sweden – It was impossible to remain seated with the fantastic sound of the ABBA hits “Money Money Money", “Fernando", “Chiquitita", ”Mama Mia", “Waterloo” and “Dancing Queen” being performed with authentic-style costumes and vocal and instrumental precision. Arrival invited our local “Caballeros” to join them on stage and sing together. They truly knocked our socks of!

“Lisa Robyn Lawrence,
AIDS Assistance Program-Annual Gala & Dinner,Saturday, May 1, 2010, Palm Springs, CA, USA”

Arrival From Sweden - Tonight, I felt the spirit of ABBA: the ’70s glam, the joy, the silliness, and the ultra catchy melodies of Sweden’s world-famous band backed by the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. ABBA has arrived and they brought their disco ball with them. You can’t help but love them for their earnestness and dedication to the cause of spreading the gooey goodness of ABBA’s sound and style. They are global ministers of peace in troubled times.

“Beatsalad, Arts Newspaper” February 21, 2009

Backk in the day, the real ABBA only toured the U.S. once, in 1979. Arguably, Arrival From Sweden tour now counts as the second."

Andrew McGinn July 18, 2008 Springfield


“It may not have been the real ABBA, but Arrival comes pretty darn close Their voices were in perfect sync. They really shine on ABBA's trademark harmonies” Readingeagle, USA January 2011

"The concert was great. There is no wonder why this group is allowed to do the official tribute. They sounded exactly like ABBA. Did I mention it was awesome!? It was so much fun. Thank you for the music, ABBA!(and ARRIVAL)"

Writing in Berlin, July 25, 2008

"ArrivalFrom Sweden sounds golden. this stuff was way, way better than even a straight run through "ABBA Gold," the original group's definitive Greatest Hits compilation, could ever be. "This is perfect, It honestly couldn't be better

" Cody Clark - Daily Herald, Scera USA July 28, 2008

"No one does ABBA better than Arrival from Sweden, he said in his speak"

Christer Fuglesang, Austronaut, Euro Pride festival Stockholm, August 2008

Arrival From Sweden, paid tribute to ABBA. Eye candy was a big part of the act and the voices blended well"

Johanna Crosby, Cape Cod Times July 2007

"Arrival from Sweden was simply electrifying It was a performance of a lifetime"

Jamaican Gleaner News: October 2006

"To me Sweden's ARRIVAL are the only ABBA band worth knowing or seeing".

Graeme President for ABBA Fan Club, Australia

"Oh, Mamma Mia all the harmonies was perfect and the band was so professional and good!"

NSD Lulea, Sweden July 2006

"So if you get a chance to see Arrival"From Sweden, make sure you grab a ticket because you'll be in for the best ABBA concert you'll ever see. It'll be the most like the real thing you'll ever get a chance to see".

Ryan's adventure, Newspaper Australia October 2008

"To see the 15 000 in audience during Arrival From Swedens show made me very happy".

Alf Kjeller, CEO Pride Festival Stockholm 2008

"ARRIVAL – de kunde ha sopat hem hela Sikta mot stjärnorna på en gång"

Vad gäller gruppen, som på förhand hyllats för sin imitation så mäktig att den kunde ha sopat hem hela Sikta mot stjärnorna på en gång.
Jenny Gustavsson och Vicky Zetterberg har prickat in den typiska stämsången som ständigt präglade Abba-soundet perfekt.
När det gäller solosången håller "Agnetha" sin ton säket, medan utstrålningen uppenbart ligger hos "Frida".
Även kläderna kunde ha varit hämtade direkt ur Abba the Movie

Ystads Allehand 2006